Building And Civil Construction

Construction Logistics & Trading

BMT Pakistan not only trade in all exterior and interior materials, housing equipment and other items with an emphasis on safety and the environment, we also know how significant it is that construction logistics be handled properly to ensure materials are not damaged or exposed to the elements. This is why our construction logistics management expertise helps contribute to the highest-quality work.

BMT Pakistan helps companies navigate supply chain complexities, leveraging a careful mix of solutions and industry expertise that prioritize safety and service, while mitigating high operating costs.

Managing the supply chain involves understanding the breakdown and traceability of materials and services, organizations, logistics, people, activities, information and resources that transform raw materials into a finished product which is right for its purpose.

With both indoor and outdoor storage, our distribution centers offer full access to locations and difficult areas, where other are unable or fear to trade. We’re knowledgeable about meeting distribution needs for both B2B and B2C, coordinating outbound delivery to retail locations or right to the job site.