Building And Civil Construction


Area of specialty:

1. All Types of Old & New Structural Insulation Systems.
2. Insulated thermal insulation Systems.
3. Snow area, Cold Zone & Thermal Insulation Systems.
4. Residential & Commercial and industrial Roofing insulations Systems.
5. Heritage & Aging Structures insulations System.
6. 3d Innovative Architectural Modeling.

Applicable for Residentials Homes & Commercial Buildings.

Steps Involved:

Technical Evaluation Report by Insulation Expert. Technical Brief to Client on SITE & Sample Submission. Quality Product Delivery at Door Step. Applying Insulation sheets as per Technical Specifications from Manufacturer. Temperature Tests by Thermal Gun. Applicable for residentials home, Commercial buildings, Control sheds, Poultry sheds, Cold
storag, Rice mills, Floor mills etc.
Insulations systems we offer
1. Roof & Walls Insulation Systems
2. Exterior Insulation Finished Systems (EIFS)
3. Interior Insulation Finished Systems (IIFS)
4. Customized Insulated Ceiling Designs.