Concrete Pavers

BMT Pakistan is a leading supplier of interlocking concrete paving blocks and we also market them for construction and landscaping projects. These pavers give aesthetic value to outdoor spaces, provide durability and help save cost of construction. While kerbstones provide beauty, durability and impact resistance to road-side footpath and median.

When it comes to choosing the right paving materials, Pavers and Kerstones supplied by BMT Pakistan are your first and wise choice. We have unparalleled experience in engineering and manufacturing tailored designs of different sizes, colors, shapes with the proven strength range from 3000 -7000 PSI. While customization is also available in sizes, colors, and shapes as per the bespoke requirements.

We offer guaranteed value and quality that last for long. Our pavers are used in residential pathways, commercial parking spaces, commercial driveways, footpaths, gardens, patios, heliports, airports, hospital parking areas, and various other areas as per our client’s requirements. We have a long history of completing numerous projects and meeting our clients’ satisfactory levels while delivering high quality and standardized products.

Salient Features

• Augment the ashthetics, enhance value and elegance to your surroundings with versatile conventional and interlocking pavers available in different sizes, colors, textures, and shapes.

• Provision of durable,crack-proof and quality pavers having a very low maintenance cost, reusability and last for more than 10 years of life.

• Cost-effective due to low labor cost and the duration of installation is far less than the conventional construction of your roads and pathways.

• Easy to replace, eco-friendly and can resist harsh weather conditions.