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Procurement Advisory & Solutions

Materials procurement and purchasing is considered as a means to achieve better productivity, which should be translated into cost reduction. is an industrial as well as corporate O2O digital platform for domestic real estate, engineering, building materials, equipment’s and design industry chain.

In fact, we lead the way in creating innovative procurement solutions through a range of B2B and O2O Purchasing Systems as well as Frameworks. The system offers a flexible solution to a wide range of contractors with local and national coverage.

We are aware different clients have different requirements when it comes to procuring materials. The ability to compliantly contract with local as well as national suppliers on your own terms gives you the flexibility to meet your specific needs.

This framework covers all material requirements from plumbing, building and electrical to hire of scaffolds and tools. Whether you are looking to procure contracts for materials, hire or a one-stop-shop, BMT Pakistan enables you to choose your weightings, tender questions and contract type.

We pride ourselves on our expertise, support and the simplicity of our solutions. We cannot only save you time and money, we can also help change the vision of your future too. These solutions deliver an industry-leading experience for commercial trade contractors and is a game changer in modernizing how construction works.