Building And Civil Construction

Project & Contract Management

BMT Pakistan provides multidisciplinary Construction Project Management and Integrated Engineering services for Real estate, Construction, Coal & Gas Exploration, Industrial Development and Manufacturing sectors. We offer specialized systems and solutions, to support our esteemed clients in successfully delivering projects on time, within budget and specified quality.

Modern construction projects are often extremely complex and require effective management in order to ensure quality, time and costs as per client’s expectations are met at all stages and for all project components. Successful project needs right association and partners in the completion process. This is possible only through a good contract management, which is a crucial part finding and managing subcontractors and associates to get the best results out of them.

From the initial concepts and feasibility studies to diverse stages of the design, tendering and procurement, construction, testing and commissioning, and then technical services and infrastructural management during operation of the project, we cover every single aspect efficiently and professionally. Robust progress monitoring and control systems are always established to ensure that the project milestones are fulfilled.

BMT Pakistan empowers our clients with the added value of our contracts management service as well as allows them to have an extra edge in overall performance. Because as a project management consultant, we understand the importance of all small factors in the successful completion of a project.