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BMT Pakistan is providing one window solution for all your construction needs in which steel strengthen the core material for any construction. BMT is providing on call rates and door to door services for your residential, Commercial or Government Projects.


Steel grading systems give an approach to categorize steel dependent on all the various factors that can impact its properties and usage.

For example, the rate steel is cooled can affect how its molecules are combined, as can the measure of time the steel is held at some crucial temperature points during the cooling procedure. Two steels having the same alloy content are likely to have different grades based on this heat treatment method.

  • The ASTM Grading System allocates each metal a letter prefix dependent on its overall category (“A” is the assignment for iron and steel materials), just as a consecutively-allotted number that relates with that metal’s particular properties.
  • The SAE Grading System utilizes a four-digit number for classification. The initial two digits indicate the steel type and alloying element concentration, and the last two digits show the carbon concentration of the metal.

Steel grading standards are generally used by scientists, engineers, architects, and government agencies to guarantee quality, stability and consistency of materials. These standards give a typical language to convey the properties of steel with incredible explicitness, and guide product manufacturers toward appropriate handling and application methods.