BMT Pakistan sources all types of construction cement available in the market at the best cement price in Pakistan. By sourcing all the cement material from well-known manufacturers, we offer our customers lowest prices and an array of choice. We deal in both Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and Sulfates Resisting Cement (SRC), and customers can choose the brand of their choice from: Power cement, Lucky cement, Falcon cement, DG cement & Pakland cement. Direct-to-consumer model allows us to subtract all the extra margins that go to the different layers in the supply chain. BMT is here to create a difference, and aims to change the way construction industry works in Pakistan.

With the rising inflation and the increasing value of property every day, cement price in Pakistan today is ridiculously high, making it a valuable commodity. The quality of cement and the craftsmanship to use it wisely and in an optimized manner are a few things a project owner needs to be sure about. Any compromise in the aforesaid elements of a construction project can cost a lifetime of regret, because the money spent can never be recovered. The usual practice is to talk to a handful of contractors, and get an estimate to find the best work in the lowest prices. However, it is not easy to find a contractor who delivers what he promises, and this has been a norm in the construction industry since forever. BMT Pakistan is here to completely change the game, and provide customers the bargain power they never had.

DG Cement


Lucky Cement


Power Cement

Pakland Cement

Falcon Cement


Cement Brands Available:

  • Power Cement.
  • Lucky Cement.
  • Falcon Cement.
  • DG Cement.
  • Pakland Cement.
  • Attock Cement.

Repair Maintenance

  • Electrical.
  • Masonry.
  • Plumbing.
  • Tile Application.
  • Woodworks.
  • Paintworks.

Customize Handicrafts

  • 2D/3D Layout.
  • Project Management.
  • Front Elevation.
  • Architectual Planning.
  • Steel Structure etc.

Interior Design

  • Tailormade Design.
  • Finishing Products.
  • Home Décor.
  • Office Designs.
  • Kitchen Designs.
  • Natural Stone Design


  • Commercial Office Buildings.
  • Industrial Buildings.
  • Hospital & Healthcares
  • Farm Houses.
  • Residential Buildings.
  • Educational Buildings.

Acoustic & Thermal

  • Offices & Buildings.
  • Rooms & Living areas.
  • Heatproofing & Soundproofing.
  • Energy Saving Solution.
  • Fire Safe Solution.
  • 3D Architectural Designs