For all your steel procurement needs, BMT Pakistan is here to serve you, with a strong and commendable competitive edge. We all are aware of the fact that the Steel price in Pakistan is at an all time high. The projections of steel price in Pakistan were lower than the prices we are witnessing today, and the factors contributing to the high prices are related to inflation and the international depreciation of our currency. However, we know that a customer does not have anything to do with reasons. All that is needed right now is someone who can offer low prices without compromising on the quality. BMT Pakistan is here to do just that!

We have onboarded with us some of the highest selling steel brands that offer quality products. How do we tackle the problem of uncontrollable rise in prices? By working on a direct-to-consumer model. The only way to reduce the prices, without hurting the manufacturer’s margin is by procuring it directly from the manufacturer.

The steel brand available with us are Amreli Steel, Agha Steel & Faizan Steel. We will procure for you, and bring it to your doorstep with lowest prices guaranteed. We also offer special prices if we’re handed over procurement for the full projects. By taking advantage of economies of scales, we happily shift that advantage towards the end consumer, making him a happy benefactor. Our aim is to create long term relationships, and get our word spread via customer testimonials and word of mouth.


Steel Brands Available:

  • Faizan Steel.
  • Amreli Steel.
  • Agha Steel.
  • Abbas Steel.

Manufacturer / Brand Names