Building And Civil Construction


After protection screed WATER TEST is conducted in order to check either error free waterproofing is done or not. If yes then there should be no leakage or anything else. This test is done up to 24-48 hours.


The surface to be coated with the PRIMER GRIP must be dry thoroughly smooth & clean. All loose concrete liable to come off must be removed & make surface good for membrane application.

Subsequently, where the membrane is to be fixed to the coat of PRIMER GRIP is applied using a roller with solvent resistant. The bituminous primer has a double function. Since it is a low viscosity liquid, it penetrates into the concrete capillaries thus ensuring optimum adhesion. Further it bind together with the dust particles, which usually remains after cleaning, thus improving the adhesion of the membrane.

When the bituminous primer is dry, the actual installation may start. Installation is performed using a propane gas cylinder and torch, a trowel to seal the seams of the membranes and a knife for cutting the membrane, if necessary.

The compound with additives are coated on to the reinforcement which is rot proof non-woven polyester fabric to the required thickness. These membranes protect the surface from ingress of water, salts & sulfates.