Ziarat White Marble

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Ziarat White Marble

Marble is a stone regularly used in structures, monuments, and sculptures. It is mainly comprised of calcite or dolomite, or a blend of these carbonates minerals. Besides embellishment purposes, many carved utility marble handicrafts for home and office use like marble mobile/pen/key holder, wall clock, jewelry box, marble pot, etc.



Marble flooring in Pakistan is abundantly used to add a bit of style to modern interiors and refining their allure. It is totally natural material with unique patterns which is easy to polish, and permits natural light to go through it to give it a shine.

There are numerous distinct types, colors and styles of floor marble available in the market with the price per square feet fluctuating in accordance with their peculiar features and traits. The top varieties widely accessible are Badal Grey, Grey Emperador, Tavera, Botticino Fancy, Michael Angelo, Verona and Ziarat White.


Marble table tops are available in a broad range of standard shapes and sizes. Most of the marble tops have a depth of 20mm (the standard thickness of cut marble sheets) and there are various edge profile choices.

Marble table tops need to be accurately fixed (or lacquered) as they are permeable. They should be protected from staining, etching and marking in use. Progressively notable marble table tops in the hospitality sector are Carrara, Calacatta and Arabescato. 


Marble is one of the most preferred bathroom countertop as well as kitchen countertop materials, as it provides a useful surface and exquisite design. The ideal marble vanity will be the meld of strength and artistry.

Marble is sufficiently strong to endure a harsh bathroom environment, including continual water coming from shower, bathroom cleaning products, cosmetics, soaps, shampoos and so on.

Many house owners, who have their eyes on granite countertops or vanity tops for the bathroom, mostly pick cultured marble because of its flexibility in shapes and styles. 



Building a marble staircase can be the perfect choice for your home’s interior, as it is eco-friendly, long-standing and exceptionally durable. Additionally, it is genuinely expensive, easily stained and has a bit slippery surface.

Marble and Granite both settle on superb choices in the interiors and exteriors of your home. Both are different concerning level of hardness, finesse, their potential to repel staining and permanence and obviously cost. 

There are three grades of granite; Low Grade, Mid-Grade Level High Grade Granite. Granite is a harder stone than marble, yet with absolute maintenance, both stones are profoundly durable, while marble might require some extra sealing and additional care when choosing cleaning agents.

Which is the best marble? Or which granite type is suitable for your home decoration? Consult us now to make the best decision for your construction project, as BMT Pakistan does not only offer free of cost consultancy services, but also can deliver all  kinds of guaranteed marble and granite in the lowest possible prices at your doorstep.